Behavioral Health

As one of only two large facilities in the seven-county Dallas/Fort Worth area to provide psychiatric emergency services, Parkland Health faces a high volume of often complex patients, with a limited community safety net for ambulatory mental health and substances abuse treatment.

The Challenge

  • On average, 2,517 patients receive care at Parkland's Behavioral Health Center each year.
  • In fiscal year 2016, 2,152 counseling hours were provided to patients and there were a total of 12,612 patient visits.
  • Parkland Behavioral Health Center patient volume increased by 9.8% over the past two fiscal years.

The Solution

Parkland Behavioral Health Center offers a range of mental health services provided by psychiatrists, behavioral health providers, clinical social workers, psychiatric nurses and psychologists.

The Acute Integrated Mental Health Services (AIMS) program brings these services together by helping patients manage their behavioral and medical health, while coordinating resources to address the social factors standing between them and their well-being.

You Can Help!

Your gift to support behavioral health services will help Parkland keep our community's most vulnerable healthy.

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