Diabetes Prevention and Management

With more than 39,000 patients with diabetes seen at Parkland Health & Hospital System, adequate access, screening, preventive care, self-management education and support are an enormous challenge for Parkland and the community.

The Facts

  • Diabetes affects over 11 percent of the population in Dallas County – higher than the national average.
  • Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in the United States.
  • More than 90 percent of diabetes patients at Parkland have Type 2 diabetes and most seek medical attention when disease complications have already begun.

The Reality

Poorly controlled diabetes and associated conditions are the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure and non-traumatic amputations in adults, and heavily contribute to heart disease, stroke and increased mortality.

Diabetes burdens the underserved, diverse populations entrusted to Parkland’s care presenting an important opportunity and responsibility to lead knowledge and change in diabetes care as the county’s only public hospital.

The Solution

Parkland must address the underlying cause of the disease – diet and exercise – to tackle the diabetes epidemic in the community.

The lives and health of people with diabetes will be improved through programs that:

  • screen, identify and manage patients at high risk for diabetic foot problems
  • provide resources for patients to manage their diabetes at home, avoiding lengthy hospital stays
  • provide meters to continuous glucose monitoring to reduce emergency room visits and hospitalization
  • simplify inpatient insulin orders to improve healthcare team workflows, reduce insulin dosing errors and improve the quality of care delivered to inpatients with diabetes
  • utilize digital tools via smartphone, tablets and web-based content to engage, educate, inform and connect people with diabetes to more effectively self-manage their disease
  • develop scholarship funds for patients to participate in community-based Diabetes Prevention Programs
  • provide expertise and promote positive diabetes self-care behaviors in partnership with other community through a series of community-based conference for healthcare professionals and patients

Implementation of these programs will help prevent new cases of diabetes, and provide effective management of the disease for patients already diagnosed. With their diabetes at a manageable level, their quality of life will improve and risk for complications and death will decrease.

You Can Help!

Your donation will significantly improve the care we provide patients while working to improve the health of our community through education and disease prevention. 

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