Pediatric Behavioral Health

Serving the mental health needs of children across Dallas County.

Our Goal

To bridge the gap between mental and physical health for the 50,000 children Parkland serves by making universal behavioral health screenings to every child in our care.

Our Challenge

Emotional, mental and behavioral health disorders impact one in five Dallas children— 10,000 children alone who rely on Parkland. Without access to proper care, these children are at risk to see their conditions worsen.

Our Solution

At Parkland, we believe that screenings for pediatric behavioral health issues should be as routine as any other check-up. With your help, we’re already providing the early interventions that ensure at-risk children receive the care they need, when they need it.

Here are the five keys to making this program fully operational:
  • We’ll tap into our existing network of community care centers to provide regular behavioral health screenings for at-risk children
  • We’ll work to better integrate mental and physical pediatric health services
  • We’ll promote the use of telehealth services to break down barriers to treatment
  • We’ll implement a trauma-informed child and family service system
  • We’ll help families access the care they need through the use of a “No Wrong Door” health hub


Since we launched in late 2021, we’ve successfully treated nearly 3,000 children with behavioral health needs, with over 7,900 counseling and psychiatric visits provided, plus an additional 1,400 counseling session provided via telehealth.

What’s Next?

Once fully operational, this program will be able to provide behavioral health screenings to 12,000 Dallas area children each year, with an estimated one-fifth receiving additional behavioral health services.

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