Trauma Center

TraumaAfter Fred Halstead was rear-ended by a car going 70 mph, he was rushed to The Rees-Jones Trauma Center at Parkland and treated for a concussion, severely broken wrist and cracked ribs.

He had never been to Parkland as a patient and soon realized the Level I trauma facility doesn't just treat injuries. Parkland focuses on a patient’s recovery, rehabilitation and re-entry into a healthy, active life. For Fred, that meant healing, getting back to playing golf, exercising and spending time with his grandchildren. 

The Reality

  • Over 7,500 patients are evaluated for trauma injuries at Parkland every year, leading to over 3,500 trauma admissions.
  • The Rees-Jones Trauma Center acts as a referral resource for communities in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.
  • Parkland leads in injury prevention and public education to Dallas and surrounding communities.
  • Each day, on average, 665 patients will be seen in the emergency department.

The Solution

The Rees-Jones Trauma Center was built with one mission in mind - to save your life. We are combining a long-standing tradition of providing the best in critical care with a new state-of-the-art facility geared toward finding innovative ways to save lives.

Parkland cares for patients with 24-hour in-house coverage by general surgeons who are also trained in the specialties of trauma and critical care. With a spacious floor plan that allows caregivers plenty of space to operate and technology that speeds the delivery of supplies, every aspect of the Rees-Jones Trauma Center is engineered toward getting a patient to the life-saving care needed as quickly as possible.

With an ever-increasing population, the center must be prepared to efficiently handle the influx of patients seeking emergency care. 

You Can Help!

Your gift to the Rees-Jones Trauma Center will help us continue to provide life-saving care for patients throughout their journey to recovery.

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