Patient Story: Margaret Rowland

To Margaret, carrying on with her life after trauma was of utmost importance.

Through her care at Parkland, Margaret found the strength to do all the things she worried she would never do again.

We’re all told that gas leaks are a hidden danger. It’s a truth Margaret Rowland knows all too well. After gas leaked under her sister’s house, a spark created an explosion so intense that Margaret was blown into another room of the house, covered in debris and seriously injured.

She thought, “Is this it? Am I dying? Is this how I’m going out?” While the details are hard for her to recall, she remembers one thing very clearly. Her right leg was gone.

First responders removed her from the rubble and air-lifted her to the Rees-Jones Trauma Center at Parkland – the first Level I trauma center in Texas – where she received the highest level of trauma care available.

“I was thankful to be alive but so afraid of what was going to happen,” said Margaret. “I would lay there and think ‘How am I going to work, drive and take care of myself?'”

Over the next four weeks, Margaret endured five surgeries. Her comprehensive care included meeting with a psychologist to talk through the traumatic experience she had suffered. And a team of physical therapists helped her learn to maneuver from her bed and into a wheelchair. She credits her entire care team, led by Ashoke Sathy, MD, for her recovery.

“Parkland is definitely the number one trauma hospital,” she said. “It’s amazing what they do and how well trained they are. I know that every one of them had my best interests at heart. I remember so many good moments with everybody.”

“My fight was to be that go-to grandmother again,” said Margaret. “I love being able to pick the grandkids up from school, take them out to eat, have them spend the night, take them to a movie. My grandkids mean everything to me.”

Today Margaret wears a prosthesis on the lower half of her right leg. And through her care at Parkland, she found the strength to do all the things she worried she would never do again.

“From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone at Parkland. You gave me a second chance. My life was saved and I’m me again.”

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