Mammogram Poster Girls grant to benefit Parkland Health Foundation

Funds will help breast cancer patients receive screenings and navigate diagnosis

Parkland Health Foundation received a $20,000 gift from Mammogram Poster Girls to support breast health diagnostics for women who are uninsured or underinsured in Dallas County. For women at risk for breast cancer, annual screenings are often the difference between early-stage and late-stage diagnosis, improving treatment options and long-term odds for survival.

“This investment will make a significant impact on patient care,” said Michael Horne, EdD, MPP, president and CEO, Parkland Health Foundation. “Patients often delay screenings or follow-up appointments to avoid possible debt, and this gift from Mammogram Poster Girls will help ensure that more women have equitable and affordable access to the resources they need to detect breast cancer.”

As the only public safety-net health system in Dallas County, Parkland provides access to healthcare and critical resources regardless of ZIP code, race, ethnicity or income level. At Parkland, breast cancer patients are diagnosed younger than the national average (36% under the age of 50 vs 19% nationally) and at later stages (23% are stage III and IV collectively at the time of diagnosis vs 10% nationally). Nationally, women of color are disproportionately impacted: once diagnosed, Black women have the highest age-adjusted mortality rate for breast cancer, and it is the number one cause of Latinx cancer deaths.

When it comes to diagnoses and care options, uninsured and underinsured women in Dallas County often encounter obstacles such as making impossible choices between caring for themselves or caring for others, paying for treatment or paying for food, working to support their families or taking time off to go receive treatments and more time off to recover from the side effects. With the support of Mammogram Poster Girls, more women in Dallas County will be able to receive diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds and ultimately receive the care they need at Parkland.

“The Mammogram Poster Girls Inc. (MPG) is excited to partner with Parkland Health to provide free screening and diagnostic mammograms to women in need in Dallas County,” said Sheri Mathis, co-founder and President of MPG.  “We know the critical importance of early detection and are grateful for the opportunity to broaden our ability to save lives…one mammogram at a time.”

More than 30,000 screening exams and diagnostic tests are provided through Parkland’s comprehensive breast health program each year. Parkland continues to decrease barriers to care and address existing disparities in Dallas County through its clinics—the Moody Center for Breast Health which opened in 2021, and the mammography suite at the C.V. Roman Health Center that opened in 2022.

About Mammogram Poster Girls
Mammogram Poster Girls Inc. is a 501(c)3 created to increase awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer and raise funds to provide mammograms for those in need.  The organization removes barriers to access to preventative healthcare by providing funding for mammograms at select local hospitals, and by bringing mammograms to uninsured and underinsured patients into the communities where they live through our mobile mammography bus initiative. 

About Parkland Health Foundation

Parkland Health Foundation is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to securing substantial financial resources that advance the goals of Parkland Health (Parkland). Parkland’s mission is to advance wellness, relieve suffering, develop and educate. Our vision is to advance health equity through excellence as a public health system. Parkland Health Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that our community has a medical home for a continuum of care from birth to end of life.

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