Two doctors supporting the future of healthcare through endowments

Dr. Kimberly Yamanouchi has dedicated her career to creating a healthier Dallas County. She served as a faculty member at UT Southwestern for nearly 25 years, spending most of her time as an anesthesiologist for labor and delivery patients. Her husband Dr. James Sackett, now a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at the Carrell Clinic, had a clinical affiliation with the orthopedics department at UTSW for many years.

They have supported Parkland Health throughout their professional careers, but Parkland entered Dr. Sackett’s life long before he become a provider. At just 10 years old, Dr. Sackett and his parents were involved in a severe car accident. His parents lost their lives, and Dr. Sackett was rushed to Parkland Health for emergency treatment. He received emergency care that ultimately saved his life, and his experience in the hospital inspired him to treat future generations of patients.

Throughout their careers, the doctors have changed the lives of hundreds of families. Earlier this year, they committed to building an ongoing legacy for future patients by creating two endowments through the Parkland Health Foundation.

Dr. Yamanouchi has always drawn inspiration from a mantra her parents repeated to her throughout childhood: “God gives us two hands; the first hand is to help ourselves and the second is to help others.”

“Jim and I continue to live those words daily and hope we have passed this legacy on to our son Barton,” she shared. “We hope that our endowment will help others who may be less fortunate by no fault of their own to live healthy and active lives to serve others. We have wonderful educations, good health and many wonderful blessings. We wanted to ensure that others have the same opportunities that we have had in our lives.”

Dr. Yamanouchi and Dr. Sackett both strive to be that “second hand” for others. With these endowments, they will serve people in Dallas County now and support the future of healthcare in perpetuity.

Dr. Yamanouchi’s endowment directly supports obstetric anesthesiology, a sub-specialty of anesthesiology that provides pain relief and anesthesia for labor and childbirth. Obstetric anesthesiologists manage the lives of the mother and baby, including postpartum pain, maternal sepsis, hemorrhage, hypertension and acid-base disturbances. They also develop early warning systems and manage near-miss cases.

Dr. Sackett’s endowment directly supports orthopedics care at Parkland, ensuring that patients struggling with muscular and skeletal problems can receive the care they need to live stronger and functional lives.

Parkland Health Foundation is incredibly grateful for the support of Dr. Yamanouchi and Dr. Sackett. Their endowments will help ensure Dallas County residents are able to access the care and treatment they need, regardless of their ability to pay.

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