Gifts of Stocks and Securities

Make a difference while receiving tax benefits.

Many contributors prefer to give through their held wealth like stocks and securities instead of directly from disposable income, and for good reason. Giving from stocks and securities means your donation only costs you the original price paid, while you get to claim a charitable tax deduction on the full value. On top of that, you avoid any capital gains tax that came from the growth of the stock.

This can apply not to stocks, but to other assets such as art, collectibles,  real estate, mineral rights, or shares of a closely held business. The cost and tax benefits remain the same. The out-of-pocket cost is only what your originally paid, but the value to Parkland, as well as the deduction, are equal to today’s fair market value.

For more information, please contact:

Beth Dexter
Senior Philanthropic Advisor  
(214) 266-2019 

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