Cancer Care

Providing needed cancer services to underserved communities across Dallas County.

Our Goal

To provide compassionate, leading cancer care that helps those in need throughout Dallas County prevent, detect, treat and survive cancer with dignity.

Our Challenge

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Dallas County, with lung, breast, and colorectal cancers the most commonly diagnosed. But just as the demand is there, appropriate access to vital treatment often is not.

At Parkland, we’re on a mission to change that, with a focus on early detection, diagnosis, and treatment.

Our Solution

Parkland currently handles over 50,000 cancer visits and 2,000 new cancer cases each year. By continuing to innovate new treatments, and by increasing outreach to our most underserved communities, we will address the disparities in cancer care across Dallas County.

What’s Next?

Our approach helps facilitate screenings and decreases diagnosis times, leading to earlier staging and treatment. To achieve these goals, Parkland has identified four key access areas:

  • Access to transportation, helping patients to get to and from their appointments on their schedules
  • Access to early screening in order to diagnose and begin treating cancers earlier
  • Access to cutting edge interventions and treatments
  • Access to wraparound services to ensure our patients can focus on healing and beating cancer

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